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    Join us for this annual rite of spring on May 20 & 21st - the biggest Derby of the year on Lake Flaming Gorge! Over $50,000 in prizes are a huge feature of this Lucerne Marina event.

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Wildlife Guide

Creatures of the Gorge

Below you'll find listings for many of the incredible wildlife species found in Flaming Gorge Country.  Browse through each animal for a detailed description and where you might see them in the area.

You may also learn about the hundreds of various birds in the area by clicking here and viewing the Birds of Flaming Gorge Wildlife Guide.

Bald Eagle

  • Primarily a winter resident
  • Haliaeetus leucocephalus, large dark bird with brilliant white head and tail feathers
Our National Bird is a common winter resident

Black Bear

  • Active spring, summer and fall - sleep in dens during winter months.
  • Ursus americanus, large furry mammal 200-600 lbs.
Our notorious bruin of the mountains


  • active dawn and dusk, year-round resident
  • Lynx rufus, tannish coat with dark spots and namesake 'bobbed' tail, 10-20 lbs
The smallest wild cat in the Rockies


  • Summer: dawn & dusk. Winter: out more in the daytime hours. Present year-round
  • Alces alces, largest hoofed mammal with very dark color, 600 - 1500 pounds.
The largest deer in the world

Mountain Lion

  • Mostly nocturnal, present year-round
  • Felix concolor, large tan cat with long tail. 100-150 lbs
The largest cat in the Rockies

Mule Deer

  • Summer: dawn & dusk, frequently crossing roads at night. Winter: out during daytime hours. Present year-round
  • Odocoileus hemious, large hoofed mammal, 125-300 pounds - trophy bucks can weigh up to 500 pounds!
Our most common hoofed mammal in Flaming Gorge Country


  • active daytime, summer resident
  • Pandion haliaetus, large bird, with brown back and white head & breast. Up to 25" tall.
Our iconic bird of the waters


  • active throughout daylight hours. Present year-round.
  • Antilocapra americana, tan mammals with distinct white patches on head, throat, belly and rump. 90-150 lbs
The fastest land mammal in North America!

River Otter

  • active in daytime, year-round resident
  • Lutra canadensis, long bodied animal with short legs, thick fur and long tail. 10-30 lbs.
The playful water residents of Flaming Gorge

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

  • Daytime hours. Present year-round
  • Ovis canadensis, Large curved horned mammal, 100-350 pounds
This sure-footed sheep is at home on the steep rocky slopes of Flaming Gorge

Rocky Mountain Elk

  • Summer: dawn & dusk, frequently crossing roads at night. Winter: out during daytime hours. Present year-round
  • Cervus elaphus, large hoofed mammal, 500-700 pounds
The majestic forest animal of the Rocky Mountains

Wild horses

  • active throughout daylight hours. Present year-round.
  • Equus ferus, also known as mustangs
A stirring symbol of the Old West

Wild Turkey

  • active in daytime, year-round resident
  • Meleagris gallopavo. Dark iridescent bird with blue and pink bare head and red wattles. Up to 46" long.
A new resident of Flaming Gorge

Yellow-Bellied Marmot

  • active throughout the daytime in the summer, hibernates in winter
  • Marmota flaviventris, large rodent with silver-grey fur, a large tail and a yellow stripe across nose. 8-20 lbs
Basking the summer away
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