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Flaming Gorge Fishing Reports

Be in the know before you go!



June 1st, 2020

Flaming Gorge


All ramps are open for launching. Please be aware of social distancing requirements in both UT and WY.

Lake trout: Recent open water fishing reports indicate that lake trout fishing has been slow to good depending on the day and location. Some reports of very good trophy fishing. Lake trout can be at all depths this time of year but will be mostly deep. Try locating active fish shallow (30-40 feet) trolling lures or casting baits. If you don't find them shallow try along main channel depths in 60-120 feet of water. Good lures to try are jigging spoons such as Northland Buckshots or Crippled Herrings, jigging raps and 3.5 inch tube jigs in 1/4-3/8 oz weight and tipped with sucker or chub meat. Watch your sonar as many of the more active fish can actually be suspended in the water column but most will hug the bottom. If trolling minnow lures on downriggers, watch for concentrations and individual fish on your fish finder and if located, vertically jig for them. Small lake trout less than 25-inches have become overabundant, causing competition for food and a decrease in growth rates. If this trend continues, it will impact the trophy lake trout component (less food to grow big fish). Please help the resource by harvesting lake trout less than 25-inches. This size class of fish also makes exceptional table fare. Take advantage of the 12 fish limit and 2 day possession and fill up the freezer.

Kokanee salmon: Anglers report catching good numbers of kokanee. Try trolling spoons or dodger/squid combinations close to the surface (10-40 ft). If you see schools of fish on your graph try vertical jigging with small spoons.

Rainbow and cutthroat trout: Anglers report fishing has been fair to good. This is a good time of year to fish stream inflow areas and along the shoreline. Rainbow have been stocked and anglers are catching them trolling near the surface. Small spoons and jigs work great, tipped with meal worm, night crawler, or even Gulp. Boat anglers have been catching fish while casting jigs to shoreline points. Try marabou jigs in brown, black, white and/or pink. Some cicadas are present and fly anglers report some success fishing that pattern. Some of the best rainbow fishing of the year is for the next few weeks.

Smallmouth bass: Anglers report bass fishing is picking up as the water temps warm. Fish typical bass lures with a slower presentation. Bass should be starting to move to spawning beds.

Burbot: No recent reports. Target burbot on rocky points and shorelines in 10-40 feet of water at night using glow-in-the-dark lures like Yamamoto grubs, Radical Glow tubes, Maniac Cutterbugs, and Northland Buckshot spoons. Tip the lure with sucker/chub meat, recharge glow frequently, and jig or deadstick the presentation a couple inches from the bottom. Now is a time of the year when shore anglers can catch burbot before they head to deep water as water temperature warms.



Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam




Flows: 6600-8600   Be careful if you are wade fishing or floating.


Dry Flies- There are a few Cicadas size 8-10,


Nymph Fishing-  San Juan Worms, Neon Nightmares, gray soft hackles 18-20, scuds 16-20

Streamer Fishing has been good in low light.  When the hatches disipate, the fish start to eat each other.  Use streamers that mimic small brown trout, white fish, or sculpin.   Try lighter colors first and work your way towards black. 

Spin Fishing: 1/4 Zig Jigs in Black or Olive/Orange colors.   4" Tube jigs in white. 


High Country 


Browne Lake


Access to the reservoir is good and USFS gates are open. The reservoir is full but the water is stained from run off. No angler reports. Try fishing typical trout lures (spinners, spoons, powerbait, worm and bobber) as these methods usually produce fish.


Calder Reservoir



The reservoir is accessible and ice free. Recent netting showed good numbers of fish survived the winter with multiple sizes in good condition. Anglers report good fishing. The reservoir has special catch-and-release regulations. You must use flies and lures only — bait is not allowed. See the Utah Fishing Guidebook for details.


Long Park Reservoir


The road is decent to Browne Lake, but it gets really snowy around Sheep Creek Lake so it will likely be another week or two for the entire road to clear. There have been no recent reports of ice/water conditions. Should be good fishing once access is opened.


Moose Pond


The pond is ice-free but muddy from run-off. No recent angling reports, but prior to ice-off the fishing was fair for small rainbow trout.


Matt Warner


The reservoir has open water. Access to the reservoir is good. Dead fish were observed along the shoreline but anglers have caught a few fish so there was not a total die off in the reservoir. Dissolved oxygen levels were low this winter and there were winterkill losses. Netting assessments of the fish population will be completed soon.


Sheep Creek Reservoir


The USFS gates are open and road access is good. There have been no recent angling reports. Special regulations are in effect on this water, no bait, size and species restrictions. Cutthroat trout should be in full spawning colors.



Spirit Lake


Typically closed to access until June