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Flaming Gorge Fishing Reports

Be in the know before you go!


August 12th

Flaming Gorge


All launch ramps are open and accessible. Surface temps of 72-74 degrees. Lots of recreational boaters.

Lake trout: Recent fishing reports indicate that lake trout fishing has been getting better but patience is still key for catching numbers of fish. Most fish will be deeper so try looking for fish in 70-100 feet of water near main channel points and ridges. Watch for concentrations and individual fish on your fish finder and if located, vertically jig a 1/4-3/8 ounce 3.5-inch white or glow-n-the-dark tube jig (Dry Creek Outfitters, yamamoto, gitzit) tipped with sucker/chub meat. Crayfish color jigs also will work for small fish. You can also try slow trolling heavy jigs or use spoons and crankbaits trolled on downriggers. Often small lake trout will hit the same lures used for kokanee so if you see fish targets below 70 feet, try dropping your kokanee gear down deeper to pick up some smaller lakers. Small lake trout less than 25-inches have become overabundant, causing competition for food and a decrease in growth rates. If this trend continues, it will impact the trophy lake trout component (less food to grow big fish). Please help the resource by harvesting your limit of lake trout less than 25-inches. This size class of fish also makes exceptional table fare.

Kokanee salmon: Fishing continues to be good this summer across most of the reservoir although some days have been slower for some groups. Adult fish are starting to turn color and move toward spawning areas. The majority of fish are being caught 45-60 feet using downriggers but fish can still be at 30-35 ft at times. All age classes being caught, which bodes well for upcoming fishing seasons. As surface temps are warm now, please be aware that catch and release will be tough on kokanee which do not handle warm temperatures well. If you find concentrations you can jig small spoons like 1/4 ounce Northland Buckshots, Kastmasters, Thomas Cyclones in chartreuse, pink, silver, or gold and tip with Gulp maggots, corn or meal worm. Trolling dodgers/squids and small spoons or spinners is how most recent successful anglers have been catching fish. Possession of kokanee closes Sept. 10 - Nov. 30.

Rainbow trout: Fishing has been good. Boat anglers can catch them long lining or using downriggers in 20-50 ft. Anglers fishing for kokanee are catching them mixed in with the kokanee. Anglers can also try casting lures and worms and a bobber from shore.

Smallmouth bass: Fishing for smallmouth has been good in the canyon. Angler report good catch rates using typical smallmouth baits. Try reaction lures like jerk baits and swim baits or tube jigs and ned rigs that might imitate crayfish. Small twist tail jigs also work well to catch smaller bass. With Cicadas hatching, topwater baits may work well as fish will be looking up. Fishing success should stay good for the next few months. Larger smallmouth have moved deeper after spawning as water temps have risen.

Burbot: No reports but burbot move deeper with warmer water temperatures. With the thermocline set up in the north end of the reservoir, burbot have moved to deeper, colder water. Target burbot on rocky points and shorelines in 50-60 feet of water at night using glow-in-the-dark lures like Yamamoto grubs, Radical Glow tubes, Maniac Cutterbugs, and Northland Buckshot or Flutter spoons. Tip the lure with sucker/chub meat, recharge glow frequently, and jig the presentation a couple inches from the bottom. Fishing is slow this time of year.



Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam




Flows: Around 2000 most of the day, rising in the evening and dropping overnight.  Flows come back up at 6:00 am

Dry FliesPMD's #16,  Hoppers #6-10,  Ants #12-16, and Beetles #14-16.

Nymph Fishing-   Worms and scuds on deep nymph rigs.   Scuds 18-22, Caddis Pupa 14-16, and Midge Larva 18-22

Streamer Fishing has been good in low light.  When the hatches disipate, the fish start to eat each other.  Use streamers that mimic small brown trout, white fish, or sculpin.   Try lighter colors first and work your way towards black. 

Spin Fishing: Zig Jigs in Black or Olive/Orange colors.   4" Tube jigs in white. 


High Country 


Browne Lake


Good fishing. Anglers have been catching rainbows, cutthroat and brook trout on traditional lures. The campground is open. The water has good clarity for fishing. Spinners, spoons, fly and bubble and worms have all been working to catch fish. Fishing below the dam can be good also. (August 05, 2019)


Calder Reservoir



Danger toxic algae bloom is occurring at Calder, please read warning signs before entering the water. The reservoir is at full pool and spilling, with water being sent to Crouse Reservoir. With the extreme conditions this past winter, a fish kill occurred that removed the majority of the fish in the reservoir. About 1400 catchable rainbows (10-21 inches) have been stocked this spring, with a few anglers catching those fish. Smaller rainbows (3 in), cutthroat (5 in), brown (2.5 in), and tiger trout (2.5 in) have also been stocked. Good forage of scuds and other invertebrates still exist, so fish should grow quickly. The reservoir has special catch-and-release regulations. You must use flies and lures only — bait is not allowed. If anglers fish the reservoir, please report your success on the new rating option for this site. See the Utah Fishing Guidebook for details. (July 01, 2019)


Long Park Reservoir


The reservoir is still mostly full which makes for easy shore fishing and boat launching. Fishing remains good for rainbows and brook trout using traditional trout lures and baits. Good catch rates both trolling in a boat and angling from shore. Spoons, spinners, small minnow plugs, flies and bait have all been working. Typical food consumed by fish in the reservoir include midge larvae, sow bugs, zooplankton and scuds. Flows into the reservoir are still high so be aware around the canal entering the reservoir. High elevation waters are a good location to escape the high summer temperatures and enjoy a good day of fishing. (August 05, 2019)


Moose Pond


Anglers report catching numerous small rainbow trout. It was recently stocked. Good access around the entire pond. Most rainbows in the pond will be smaller than 14 inches but it's a good location to do a family fishing outing. Typical trout fishing gear such as a worm and bobber, spinners, worm and marshmellow, powerbait, and different flies have all been working to catch fish.


Matt Warner


Closed due to Algea outbreak


Sheep Creek Reservoir


Anglers report fair to good catch rates mostly early or late in the day. This is a brood stock reservoir for cutthroat trout, so special regulations are in place to protect those fish. The trout limit is 2, and only 1 may be a cutthroat over 22 inches. All cutthroat trout 22 inches or smaller must be immediately released. Artificial flies and lures only. Fishing tackle that should work include whatever may be hatching, streamers, spinners, spoons, minnow hardbaits, jigs and small swimbaits. Pinch your hook barbs down for a quick release. Warmer water temperatures make it harder on fish when catch and release fishing so try and fight the fish as quickly as possible, keep them in a net under water while unhooking and take the picture as quick as possible or skip it to help the fish recover better. (August 05, 2019)



Spirit Lake


Angler report good catch rates. The lake was stocked with 4000 ten inch tiger trout this year. Anglers are catching numerous tiger trout and a few cutthroat trout. Flies, spinners, spoons, and bait are all working to catch fish. Water temps are 55 degrees and water clarity is good. Don't forget your bug spray as the mosquitoes are very plentiful. (August 05, 2019)