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Killpecker Sand Dunes

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280 Hwy 191 North
Rock Springs, WY 82901
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General Location
Southwestern Wyoming
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The Leucite Hills of southwestern Wyoming are the remains of volcanic flows from Pleistocene age eruptions. The presence of the Leucite Hills has created a gap through which the prevailing westerly winds funnel. These winds are strong enough to carry sand and gravel. As the winds blow through the Leucite Hills, the sand collects in large sand dunes. These dunes can reach heights of over 100 feet and run for over 100 miles from west to east.

The biggest dunes are in the Killpecker Dune Field which begins several miles east of the town of Eden. The area around the Killpecker Dune Field is the home of a herd of rare Desert Elk. The Desert Elk are found nowhere else in North America. A portion of these dunes are managed by the BLM as an open play area for motorized vehicles. Please follow posted regulations closely - such motorized play can only occur on the active sand dunes. Other parts of this area are protected from such use as Wilderness Study Areas.

Attraction Highlights
Rare Wildlife, Scenic Area, Ohv Play Area
Price Note
Please check regualtions carefully, some areas are closed to motorized vehicles seasonally

Basic Directions

Access to the Killpecker Dune Fields can be made through Rock Springs and Point of Rocks. From Rock Springs travel north on U.S. 191. Approximately 10 miles north of Rock Springs, turn east on the Tri-Territory Road (county road 4-17). The Tri-Territory road will lead to Boars Tusk, the While Mountain Petroglyphs and the Killpecker Dune Fields. From Point of Rocks, exit I-80 and proceed east on the paved road north of the interstate. This road will lead past the Jim Bridger Power Plant and open pit coal mine. North of the power plant, the road forks. Turn north and follow the road over the ridge and on to the wildlife viewing area and the Killpecker Dune Field.

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