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Mule Deer

The social Mule deer is most often seen in herds. They are named for their very large (mule like) ears. Their tale is black tipped and is a distinguishing feature of this deer species. Mule deer are found in every habitat - urban areas, fields, meadows and forests. When frightened, they have a distinctive 4 legged hop or trot to safety.

Season for Viewing
Summer: dawn & dusk, frequently crossing roads at night. Winter: out during daytime hours. Present year-round

Best Areas to View
Mule Deer may be seen at dusk from the streets of Manila & Dutch John, throughout the mountains, plains and meadows of Flaming Gorge

Fast Facts
Odocoileus hemious, large hoofed mammal, 125-300 pounds - trophy bucks can weigh up to 500 pounds!

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