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Despite its agility and blazing speeds of up to 60 mph, Pronghorn cannot jump fences and tend to slither underneath them. It is generally accepted that Pronghorns developed their speed to evade the long extinct American cheetah, so their predators today are few - coyotes and eagles are threats to their young which are commonly twins.

Both male and females have black horns with a distinctive forward pointing 'prong' for which they are named. To warn others, Pronghorn will raise the hairs on their rump, creating a white flash that can be seen at great distances.

Season for Viewing
active throughout daylight hours. Present year-round.

Best Areas to View
Pronghorn are common in all sagebrush plains of Flaming Gorge Country, and are easily viewed along the Lucerne Valley Pennisula just north of Manila

Fast Facts
Antilocapra americana, tan mammals with distinct white patches on head, throat, belly and rump. 90-150 lbs

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