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Rocky Mountain Elk

A mature bull elk is truly a symbol of the wild Rocky Mountains. Elk are also known as wapiti, a Shawnee word meaning 'white rump'. Their massive antlers may span more than 5 feet! Despite their large size, elk are quite elusive and most viewers only get a glimpse of their white rumps as they swiftly fade into the forest. The piercing bugle of the bull, calling to breeding females and challenging its peers, is a sure sign that winter is not far off.

Season for Viewing
Summer: dawn & dusk, frequently crossing roads at night. Winter: out during daytime hours. Present year-round

Best Areas to View
Most often seen in the higher, forested areas from Dowd Mountain to Dutch John,along the Flaming Gorge Uintas National Scenic Byway. Also check all the scenic backways heading up into the high Uintas.

Fast Facts
Cervus elaphus, large hoofed mammal, 500-700 pounds

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